Nowadays China is becoming more and more an international leader in the manufacturing production, in particular because of his special interest in economic programs and industrial developments.

In the last few years and in relation to the new energy politics that were developed in China, the main boiler manufacturers decided to build several production sites in the country in order to grant more competitive prices and faster deliveries and at the same time reduce customs tariff. The result is high quality services for the internal market.

In this context “Zilmet Precise Components Processing Nantong Co. Ltd” was founded in Nantong, near Shanghai industrial area. The factory is completely controlled by Zilmet Group and it covers an area of about 5000 m2. The employees are Chinese and Zilmet SpA provides for them in-depth training about new production procedures. All manufacturing processes are tested following the standard of the European quality system and high tech machineries are used. The result is that the production processes follow the high quality standard requested by the headquarter in Italy.

The production of Zilmet Nantong is addressed to boiler manufacturers and it covers the pressing, assembling and packing of expansion vessels.

The tanks produced by Zilmet Nantong are in complacence with the European regulations Ped 97/23/CE and Iso 9001:2000 and the Chinese regulations Selo/CSEI.

The manufacturing processes, quality tests, high tech machineries, competitive materials are the same used and developed in more than 50 years of experience by Zilmet in Italy. All tanks produced respect high quality standards.